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The garden

The garden


Le jardin, La Bridamie, Auzelles 63

Our garden was classified LPO (League for the Protection of Birds) refuge in 2020.

When we bought the house, the garden looked like a virgin forest. It took us three years to make it a pleasant space where you can rest while observing its «inhabitants».

We called on two young local nurserywomen to produce flowers from March to November and an assortment of plants to facilitate bee and butterfly foraging. Our green spaces are maintained by an enthusiast gardener without chemical fertilizers and we use alternative methods to control weeds and unwanted insects.

Over the course of the months, we have seen the birds slowly settling thanks to nesting boxes and food in winter we have provided: blue tits, red-tailed, blackbird, sparrow, chimney swallows, swifts, jays. At night, you will see passing the small rhinoloph, a species of endangered bat that benefits from a Natura 2000 protection zone in the territory of the municipality. Finally, it is not uncommon to hear the owl hooting at night. Don't worry, it is housed in the bell tower of the church and is very shy, it hardly shows itself.


Finally, thanks to the low light pollution, you can enjoy the beautiful summer evenings to gaze at the sky, discover the Milky Way and look for the shooting stars, quietly installed in the deckchairs of the "lunarium".