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"Verre d'Auzelles" workshop


Verres Auzelles 63

Glass has always fascinated men. Transparency and color allowed to animate the churches and to bring light into the roman buildings.

The ancient method of lead mounting is known to all. But stained glass is also a secular art. In 1870, Louis Comfort Tiffany became interested in working with glass and created a new way of setting. Simpler to implement, this method allows to easily create small objects or to assemble small pieces allowing the artist to get into the detail of his drawing.


By pushing the door of the workshop, Marie Paule will make you discover all the stages of the creation of an object: from the drawing of the template to the setting with pewter through the diamond cutting and grinding, how a glass plate becomes window, lamp, mirror decoration, jewelry, decorative object... And why not trying to introduce yourself to this unknown art?